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REVIEW- SHANY COSMETICS The Masterpiece 7 Layers All-in-One Makeup Set

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Shany box


Recently, I ordered the   for around $72.00 (Canadian) from It arrived within 2 days of my order being placed, and it was packaged tightly in foam and bubble wrap, and even cardboard boxes (within the Amazon box). Even though it was packaged so well, 2 or 3 of the eye shadows were cracked and damaged. (Amazon graciously offered to replace the set, but I felt weird about returning it, knowing that it would end up in a landfill)

The SHANY COSMETICS The Masterpiece 7 Layers All-in-One Makeup Set was actually a really great buy. Within it, you get 4 beautiful eyeshadow pallets, with a nice combination of matte, shimmer, and glitter. Each layer of eye shadow has 28 eye shadows within it, so you get 112 individual eye shadows in this kit!


purple and brown eye shadow pallet

Just to green and brown eye shadow palletgo on about the eye shadows: the pigmentation in most of them is TO DIE FOR. I am telling you, the colours go onto your skin almost as bright as they appear in the pallet. For the high yellows, and some of the red colours, you may need a primer to guarantee a strong colour, but overall, the coverage, colour, textures, and blending ability of these shadows are amazing.

Along with the eye shadow, you receive a concealer pallet, with colour correcting green concealer, as well as every other shade under the sun. For fair skin, the creamy concealer pallet has tones for highlighter, concealer, and even bronzer. For darker toned skin, this concealer pallet may be limited.

Then, there is my favourite pallet; the blush pallet. With vibrant fuchsias, bright corals, and soft pinks, there is a blush for every skin tone. The blush is super pigmented, so a tiny bit really goes a long way. The darker plum shades are a little too dark for my taste, but on a darker complexion I am sure they would be fantastic.

Finally, the only disappointing layer: the lipstick layer. This pallet was not very useful, because it is not portable. Lipstick often requires reapplication throughout the day, and bringing around a 2 kilogram (5 pound) box wherever you go is not practical. The colours were alright in the pallet, but it is just not practical for daily use.

All in all, the SHANY COSMETICS The Masterpiece 7 Layers All-in-One Makeup Set was a good buy. I find myself using at least one layer each day, and all of the products last the whole day (other than the lipstick)

Ratings: out of (5) ☆☆☆☆☆

orange and brown eye shadow palletEye Shadow: ☆☆☆☆☆purple yellow and red eye shadow pallet

  • Great pigmentation
  • Great selection of colour
  • Great selection of finish (matte, shimmer, glitter)
  • Cheap quality pallets (made of cardboard or flimsy material)



concealer palletConcealer: ☆☆☆☆

  • Great coverage
  • Great selection of colour (only for fair skin)
  • Cheap quality pallets (made of cardboard or flimsy material)

concealer swatches






Blush: ☆blush pallet☆☆☆☆blush swatches (2)

  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Great colours for all skin types
  • Flawless matte finish
  • Very blendable and natural
  • Great texture and feel on the skin
  • Cheap quality pallets (made of cardboard or flimsy material)





lipstick palletLipstick: ☆☆lipstick swatches

  • Limited pigmentation
  • Great colour selection
  • Not a practical design
  • Cheap quality pallets (made of cardboard or flimsy material)



box sizeSeven Layer box: ☆☆

  • Low quality box
  • Pretty, but not structurally strong
  • Easy to organize the different pallets
  • Made from cardboard, and flimsylayers

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